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Support for UNIX

I'm missing  cmdlets for a better UNIX support.

Is there a possibility for a reverse lookup, to get the hostname for an IP?

Is ther a posibility to get the hosts of a netgroup?

The NETAPP commands used for this purpose are YPWHICH and YPMATCH in addition to YPCAT and YPGROUP.

Why does Test-NaNfsExportPermission not support qtrees in its path?

PS R:\> Test-NaNfsExportPermission -host -path /vol/vol1/? -permission root


Re: Support for UNIX

Hello, wippel.  I have captured your unix requests for consideration in a future release.  Thanks for the suggestion.

As for Test-NaNfsExportPermission, it should work with qtrees:

PS C:\> Set-NaNfsExport /vol/vol2/testqtree -Root

PS C:\> Test-NaNfsExportPermission -Path /vol/vol2/testqtree -Host -Permission root


Test-NaNfsExportPermission doesn't support wildcards as your example suggests, but you could get the same result like this:

PS C:\> Get-NaNfsExport | ? {$_.Pathname -LIKE "/vol/vol2/*"} | Test-NaNfsExportPermission -Host -Permission root


Re: Support for UNIX

Hello, Josef.  I do, but that wouldn't seem to matter.  The API docs don't mention any qtree limitations.

PS C:\> foreach ($export in (Get-NaNfsExport)) { Write-Host $export.Pathname ":" (Test-NaNfsExportPermission -Path $export.Pathname -Host -Permission root) }

/vol/AS_5_12_1 : False
/vol/vol2 : False
/vol/vol1 : False
/vol/vol0 : False
/vol/vol0/home : False
/vol/vol2clone : False
/vol/vol1clone : False
/vol/testvol4 : False
/vol/SC_3_3_0 : False
/vol/vol2/testqtree : True
/vol/opalis : False
/vol/clinton_backup : False

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