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Toolkit: SnapVault Lag Time and Operations Manager integration?


Hi all!

Every day, my co-workers and I have to create a storage and backup report so we (and many others) can monitor and evaluate our NetApp FAS3140 systems across three different networks at two separate locations; we're required to gather a wide variety of information related to Virtual Storage Console, SnapManager for Exchange, SnapMirror, and SnapVault.  At one point, completing the report took us over five hours to complete for just a single network; by utilizing a variety of Get cmdlets from the DataONTAP PowerShell Toolkit to import data into an Excel spreadsheet via script, we have gotten that time down to roughly 30 minutes per network. 

At this point, the reports are detailed and informative, but several glaring complaints keep coming from people up and down the food chain because, due to the semi-chaotic nature of our job, we don't always have a chance to complete the manual input portions of the report at the time written on the timestamp.

My questions are this:

1) Are there any means to get SnapVault lag time using the PowerShell Toolkit?

2) Is there any integration with Operations Manager (v5.0) available?



Hi, Jonathan.

You can get SnapVault lag times like this:

PS C:\> Get-NaSnapvaultPriStatus | ft -AutoSize

Primary                Secondary              State      Status    LagTimeTS

-------                ---------              -----      ------    ---------

benson:/vol/vol0/svsec dunn:/vol/vol0/svpri   broken-off idle   732.21:21:49

dunn:/vol/vol0/svpri   benson:/vol/vol0/svsec source     idle   530.16:07:42

There aren't any Ops Mgr cmdlets at present, but you could either roll your own using the SDK or you could issue DFM CLI commands using Invoke-NaSsh.


Hi Clinton, Do you know anyone that has 'rolled their own' Ops Mgr Cmdlets using the SDK with powershell as the front end?  I need this too and it is not hugely documented,

Kind regards

Neil Stanley

NetApp PSC

Sydney Australia


Hi, Neil.  I don't know of any Ops Mgr cmdlets.  But for an example of script cmdlets written against the SDK, you can look at PoshOnTap, which was an open-source precursor to our PS Toolkit written by Glenn Sizemore.


Neil & Clinton,

Just FYI, OnCommand 5.x does come with Powershell cmdlets.  However, they're extremely limited in that they only work with Protection Manager datasets that contain VMware objects.  I don't see any command to get a list of lag times using this toolkit.