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cmdlets to create volume


can any body send a link which is useful to get cmdlets to create  RAID levels WITHOUT creating STORAGE POOLS,i mean by directly selecting disks not by  creating storage pools after that create virtualdisks with RAID level


Re: cmdlets to create volume


Hi Venkata,

DataOntap PowerShell Toolkit contains several set of cmdlets to work with volumes. Its independent of PowerShell version 2 or 3.

You can use New-NaVol cmdlet to create a new Volume.

Remember to import Data Ontap PowerShell toolkit before you use any of the cmdlet.

Import-Module DataOntap

To Get a detailed help regarding a cmdlet type.

Get-Help New-NaVol -Full

To Get examples on how to use the cmdlet type.

Get-Help New-NaVol -Examples

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Re: cmdlets to create volume


To add to what Vinith said, you can also see all volume cmdlets like this:

Get-NaHelp -Category volume

and to see all of the Toolkit in a browser, try:


Re: cmdlets to create volume


the information u sent was helpful.

the thing is ,im new to powershell scrpting n

by using DISKPART.EXE i m able to  create VOLUMES n PARTITIONS

and without using DISKPART also i m able to create parttions but unable to create VOLUMES

the commnads u sent were not executed in my power shell V3 .

could u suggest me ,is there need of any istallation of other modules to execute those commands

Re: cmdlets to create volume


Hi Venkata,

I guess you are dealing with normal volume and partition creation in windows and not creating Volumes on Controller level.

You need to approach your situation with "Storage" Module in powershell, its got cmdlets to manipulate disks and partitions in windows level.

The below command would get you all cmdlets you need to deal with storage aspects in windows.

Get-Command -Module Storage

Please have further look at the MS Blog below

"Managing Storage with Windows PowerShell on Windows Server 2012"

Re: cmdlets to create volume


thank u vinith,

the link u share was useful to meet my requirements.

now im trying to create different RAIDsets on disks  could u suggest me ,is there any cmdlets which were very near to meet my approach and

could u suggest the process of createing RAID sets through cmdlets in powershell v3

Re: cmdlets to create volume

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