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NCDA: test NS0-155 or NS0-156 ?


Hello Netapp community,

I'm planning to start studying to become a Netapp NCDA.
I plan on taking the test in 3-6 months from now.
On the netapp website (,
it says that you have to pass NS0-155 OR NS0-156, just one of them, not both.
Will this stay like this in the future?

For me it would make most sense to go with NS0-155, because all the systems I am working with + have worked with in the past are configured in 7-mode.
I am not using c-mode at the moment.
However, I will take my time to prepare myself, I will probably take the test somwhere in 3 to 6 months from now,
Will the situation be the same in some months from now, or wil NS0-155 eventually be replaced by NS0-156 ?


Re: NCDA: test NS0-155 or NS0-156 ?


That is correct. I am doing the same thing.

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