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Questions about NTP


Can someone tell me where the ntp configuration file might be on a dataontap v8 filer ?

There is no /etc/ntp.conf.

Also, no matter which order I specify the timed servers using the options timed.servers the order listed

by options timed remains the same.  It appears that it sorts them ?




What makes you think that there should be an ntp.conf file?

The configuration for time syncronization is the same as always.  The fact that the underlying time-keeping software may now be a real ntpd instead of the old java hack doesn't mean the documentation for the system suddenly became worthless. Just add some servers, set the protocol (think only ntp works), and turn it on.

The ordering of the servers is something that I am not sure is of any consequence.


I thought there might be a /etc/ntp.conf because I could not find any information as to where the ntp configuration would be kept.

So, where is it kept ?

As to the order, it appears that when the first ntp server in the list is unavailable it does not go to the next one.

And I was wanting to do some testing of that before reporting a possible bug.

--- walter


There is no other configuration necessary.  Set the options, turn it on.

There were some bugs for NTP in 8.0.1 so you will want to upgrade to 8.0.1P3 (or better...)


Ok, but where is the information kept ?



I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "the information"

"options" settings are kept in a file (actually a number of files) in the /etc directory on the filer.  These files are not meant to be edited. Manual changes to the files will be overwritten unless you are running in a limited operating mode.

Your NTP problems are most likely fixed in 8.0.1P3.

ONTap isn't a linux OS... in case that isn't apparent.