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2-Node deployment stuck at ClusterMgmtIpPingable


Hello everyone,


I have some problems by deploying  a 2-Node Cluster at the "POST DEPLOY SETUP" task.

All tasks were marked as sucessfull so far and I can also connect to the cluster- and node-shell(s)

Commands like "cluster show", "net int show", "stor disk show" only tell me that everything is up and running. No errors at all.

Regarding to Netapp: If the cluster-deployment is not completely done, the default login will be "admin / changeme123".

As this exact login is working in my situation, I guess that the cluster is still not finally deployed .


Cluster "POST DEPLOY SETUP" keeps stuck at "ClusterMgmtIpPingable" for over two hours now.

From the perspective of VMware, everything looks fine also.


As I can find absolutelly nothing regarding to this kind of behaviour/situation, I hope to get some help from the Netapp community.


Best regards and thank you in advance.




What's the cluster ring look like ? 


set -priv adv 

cluster ring show 


And what's the status of HA?  


I attatched a screenshot showing the output generated by the commands.

Everything looks fine.


By the way => Nothing changed over night. Still stuck at "ClusterMgmtIpPingable".


That looks healthy.   

you can also try "set d; debug vreport show "  it will show an inconsistencies in the system/wafl.  


 Have you opened a support case?   It could be something just wonky with the (ONTAP Select?) deploy.