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64-bit space qualifying scanner status?

Hello all. We just ugraded from 8.0.5 to 8.1.4P7 in order to convert aggrs from 32-bit to 64-bit without having to add additional disks. Upon completion, the upgrade process automatically initiated the 64-bit space qualifying scanner. The 64-bit Aggregates Overview and Best Practices TR says to "Verify the prequalification scanner has finished running before triggering the 64-bit expansion.". But I haven't found anything indicating how to monitor the scanner status and verify that it's completed. I do see in the messages file however that a message is logged everytime the scanner finishes with a volume. Is there a better way to check the scanner status other than simply looking for a log message for each volume? 


Re: 64-bit space qualifying scanner status?

"aggr 64bit-upgrade status" in advanced mode.

Re: 64-bit space qualifying scanner status?

Thanks, but that doesn't provide the info I'm looking for. It tells me there's no upgrade in progess. It's correct because I haven't actually started any 64-bit upgrades yet. What I'm trying to get status on is the 64-bit space qualifying scanner, described here:




The scanner gets started automatically after upgading to 8.1. It determines whether your volumes have sufficient space for the aggregates to be converted to 64-bit. The scanner must complete a scan on all volumes before you can begin the 64-bit upgrade on aggregates. 

Re: 64-bit space qualifying scanner status?

Try "wafl scan" in advanced mode.

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Re: 64-bit space qualifying scanner status?

 That did the trick, thanks!


priv set advanced

wafl scan status


Output will indicate '64bit space qualifying" running for all volumes that have not completed scan. 

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