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Error while covering from 7-Mode to Clustered


Hello Everyone 


I am in the process of converting a FAS2552 from 7-Mode to Clustered. After changing the boot env clustered variable to true and go into the boot menu option 4 to wipe and initialise I am getting the error


"Warning: Data ONTAP has detected an attempt to switch the value of bootarg.init.boot_clustered. Usage of this boot argument requires Technical Support assistance.
If this was an accidental change, ensure bootarg.init.boot_clustered matches the root aggregate of the node."


The file just halts at that point. 


I came across an article that is point me to a KB 2018512. But it seems I dont have permission to access same. 


Any help will be much appreciated 




Re: Error while covering from 7-Mode to Clustered


There is one more place the boot mode is stored, as a failsafe against accidental change.  The intent seems to be to ensure support or a partner is engaged when a controller is being converted.  There are a couple ways to clear it, but after the kb site was relaunched I can't tell which KBs are available to who.  So rather than send you a bunch of links you probably can't open, you're probably better off calling support or your partner to get you past it.  You're also going to need a cluster base license key to set up the cluster, which your partner or NetApp SE can get for you.




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Re: Error while covering from 7-Mode to Clustered


You need to perform wipeconfig first, so filer "forgets" in which mode it was installed.  This should be done while in old mode. See as example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMOEkO-5I9k&list=PLHSh2r3A9gQRo_kqWmv4Bz-iyg3l8LSmH&index=8.

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