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Reversing snapmirror between C Mode and 7 Mode


I have a volume level snapmirror which source is on 7 Mode and DR is C-Mode (We are in the middle of product upgrade). In this scenario, Just wonder, can I perform snapmirror reversal to change replication from C Mode to 7 Mode? If so, how can I do it?


Source (7 Mode) is FAS6080 and running 8.1.3 and DR (C Mode) is FAS8080 and running 8.3.1.





Thank you!




Re: Reversing snapmirror between C Mode and 7 Mode


Transition Data Protection relationships (TDP Snapmirror) are one way only, 7 Mode to C-Mode.  To reverse the flow you need to transition the source of the relationship to Clustered Data ONTAP.  

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