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7-Mode 8.2.5P3 Patch Broke HTTP and PowerShell


We have an aging 3270 HA Pair running 7-mode that is only used as a backup target for a handful of remote offices still running 2220s with 7-mode, which we hope to decommission in the next few months. As the first step of our last round of patching on these systems, I patched the 3270s from 8.2.5P1 to 8.2.5P3. Upon completion, all SnapMirror jobs stopped working and our PowerShell scripts abruptly stopped working. They are critical because they force bandwidth drops during business hours on any SnapMirror jobs still running when offices open. In addition, we lost System Manager access. We can still access the system through the command line and CIFS. We have 3rd party support but I'm not hopeful that a solution will come from there. Any suggestions on where to look? I'm at a loss as to how a simple patch could break these items.


Re: 7-Mode 8.2.5P3 Patch Broke HTTP and PowerShell


In case anyone searches for this, the issue is resolved. Weirdly, one port had to be unplugged from our LACP ifgrp. There was an issue on the switch apparently.

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