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ONTAP Discussions

7-mode fpolicy




Does ONTAP 7-mode fpolicy support reporting to an external server? If so, how would I go about configuring 7-mode to report to an external server?


I used the following commands on ONTAP c-mode to configure an fpolicy server



Create FPolicy engine
vserver fpolicy policy external-engine create -vserver vserver_name -engine-name engine_name -primary-servers ip -port 8080 -ssl-option no-auth
Create FPolicy event

vserver fpolicy policy event create -vserver vserver_name -event-name events_name -protocol cifs -file-operations read,write,create,delete -filters first_read,first_write


Create FPolicy policy
vserver fpolicy policy create -vserver vserver_name -policy-name policy_name -events events_name -engine engine_name
Create FPolicy scope
vserver fpolicy policy scope create -vserver vserver_name -policy-name policy_name -volumes-to-include *
Enable FPolicy
vserver fpolicy enable -vserver vserver_name -policy-name policy_name -sequence-number 1



Will it work the same and how would I translate the above to the 7-mode equivalent commands?

What formats/protocols does the 7-mode fpolicy support?


Thanks for your replies and time.





Please refer

Refer fpolicy work flowchart and limitations of Fpolicy section

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