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8.2.1p1 7-mode - terminate cifs prior to takeover - Giveback was vetoed by vfiler_low_level.


I'm just curious as to this new message I get when im taking over 8.2.1p1 .... 


I've never seen this before.. This must be new in 7-mode and if so, where in the documentation is this


filer> cf takeover
cf: CIFS is active on some of the partner's vfilers. Terminate CIFS on each of the partner vfiler to proceed further.


filer(takeover)> CIFS connections are active on the partner node. CIFS must be terminated on each vfiler on the partner node with active connections prior to giveback.
Giveback was vetoed by vfiler_low_level.
Giveback was vetoed by cifs.

The only thing i've found is this for cDot



If this is new, please point to the documentation.  I find it annoying to hvae to go to every vfiler and terminate cifs... 



Any insight would be great




Within our environment we normally have over 900 cifs connections. If we initiate a cluster failover and allow users to be given a grace period, the filer will go and notify every user, sometimes this goes for 40mins.

To terminate cifs across the filer and vfiler you can execute: vfiler run * cifs terminate to complete terminating cifs all at once.




Terminating cifs in that manner is not the problem.  The problem I have is that this code appears to be new in the 8.2.x and we aren't used to seeing this.   We find it to be a bit annoying while performing maintenance.

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