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8.3.2P2 7-Mode support?

Did 7-Mode go away in this version? I recieved a new FAS2554 unit that is in clustered mode and was attempting to convert over to 7-mode but have been unsuccessful. 


I performed set-defaults, boot_ontap and option 4. Once the wipe is complete the unit still returns to clustered mode. 




Re: 8.3.2P2 7-Mode support?

7-mode is still there but only supported on 8.2.x.


You need to contact support to downgrade from cdot

Re: 8.3.2P2 7-Mode support?

Cool, will do. Thank you. 

Re: 8.3.2P2 7-Mode support?

Hi @xyrenn


7 - mode is supported in 8.2.X.... If you want to downgrade the system from c-mode to 7-mode Please follow the below KB article.




But you need to contact NetApp support or your reseller to get 7-mode licenses.


Please let me know if you have any concerns.

Re: 8.3.2P2 7-Mode support?

Protocol licenses are the same in both 7-Mode and C-Mode.
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