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A common Snapshot for "Snapmirror resync -S"?

As understand, when I run "Snapmirror resync -S", there has to be a common Snapshot between two sides.


The SS I have on both side has same name, but different size.

Are these two SS's considered to be the common, and if yes, whey they got different size?


Thanks for sharing! 


Re: A common Snapshot for "Snapmirror resync -S"?

Can somebody please share your thoughts SOONER? Appreciated!


the following are two commands to fail back:

pr::>snapmirror resync -S -source-path dr-cluster://vsm1/vol1_mirror -destination-path pr-cluster://vsm1/vol1

pr::>snapmirror update -S -destination-path pr://vsm1/vol1 -source-path dr-cluster://vsm1/vol1



My second question:

by running above 2 commands, will updates made on DR site be copied to PR site?

Re: A common Snapshot for "Snapmirror resync -S"?

... Break...

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