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Edge cDOT transition from Edge-T


Hi all


IHAC has several Edge-T running at branch offices and snapmirroring to central FAS storage in HQ,  now they plant o upgrade the HQ FAS storage from 7-mode to cDOT,  they are checking the official procedure to do Edge cDOT transition.  


Thanks and Best Regards!



Procedurally it's the same. 7MTT, etc to move the data from the 7mode controller to the cluster mode controller.

The pain point is the license. Unlike physical controllers which can be switched between modes, the VSA mode is model dependent so it requires a different platform key. They'll need to buy new licenses and build up new edge controllers, then execute a 7toC migration.

Thanks for your reply, I was told the Edge cDOT master key is same as Edge-T. This customer has only 2~3 Edge-T, is it possible to buy only 2~3 edge cDOT, I was told new Edge deal must be over 1M.


I've heard the same threshold on the deal size.  Wondering if it applies to existing edge customers as well.  



Any idea if Edge-T master key could be re-usable for ONTAP cDOT? 


if you mean the alpha numeric platform key, the model is derived from the key, so probably not.  Edge-T and Edge_cmode are different models/products/platform keys.




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