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Hi All,


I need to know that If a volume is thin but the contained LUN in it has  a space reservation or say is thick then how would ONTAP provision the space.





Re: Thin_Provisioning


 suppose you have a 100GB volume with one, 50GB LUN in it


 - if the volume is thick provisioned, 100GB worth of blocks are set aside (reserved) for that volume by the aggregate

 - if the volume is thin provisioned and the LUN has reservation enabled, 50GB worth of blocks are set aside (reserved) for that LUN by the aggregate

 - if both, the volume and the LUN are thin provisioned, blocks are provided to the LUN as required/requested (up to 50GB - given that there is enough space in the aggregate)

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Re: Thin_Provisioning

excellent answer... hope that helps...

Re: Thin_Provisioning

Thanks for the response 🙂

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