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Adding the second controller to an existing FAS 2040



I need to add the second controller to an existing FAS 2040 which is running Data On tap 8.1.1.

I have three unowned disks also. If anyone knows the exact steps please share.






Hi Johnny,

That is simple.

One the command prompt of the storage controller type: disk assign all

That's it. Now the controller owns the disks.

Then, add them to an aggregate of your choise i.e. use OnCommand system manager to do so.

Kind regards

Dirk Oogjen

Certified NetApp Instructor


Hi All

what i understand from Johny's question, he has a FAS 2040 with single controller and wants to add a second controller for high availability and enable cf,What are the precautions and procedure he need to take care like OS version , down time etc


Paul Anto


The existing controller needs a reboot after applying the cluster license. The new node needs to match the ontap version and apply the same licenses. With 3 drives it looks like only root for now on the new node. A 2 drive raid 4 aggr as aggr0 and 1 spare. The option 4a maintenance mode boot on the new node will create 3 drive root but they can "aggr options aggr0 raid4" to drop dual parity after the new node is initialized. Then "priv set advanced ; disk zero spares" to zero the new spare that was dual parity. If they add more disks later they can enable raid_dp again.

Then cf enable and set partner parameters on ifconfig statements so network fails over. Also a takeover / giveback test both ways to make sure clustering is working.


Hello, I realize this thread is ages old, but it turns out I have the exact same questions regarding this.  Only I am going to jump into this a little more thorough so I don't miss anything.  I too have an FAS2040 and I want to install a second controller in the top slock of the netapp.  For right now, I am only interested in physically installing the unit in the netapp, hooking up a network cable, and assigning an IP address to it.  If possible could someone give me a quick step by step?  I have the instructions, but they discuss in detail the setup of the ha failover, and I am not interested in that at the moment. Any thoughts or assistance are appreciated.


Find three spare disks, if necessary - remove ownership from them, boot new head into maintenance mode, assign ownership of these disks to new head, boot into special boot menu and select 4 (or 4a, depending on version) to initialize root volume. After reboot you will need to do usual setup of new controller.


Make sure to install the same Data ONTAP (including patch number) as is already used before doing it for 8.x or netboot using the same version if using 7.x. In case of 7.x do not forget to "update" Data ONTAP and download correct kernel to boot device.