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Aggr -free-space-reallocation


We are running 8.3.1 cDOT and just added disks to an aggregate.  In the 7-mode days we would need to run an aggr -reallocate.  I am not able to find a command to complete a reallocate in cDOT.  I was able to find a -free-space-reallocation option, but its not a 1 time run and appears to have possible performance implications.


I was not able to find any documentation on best practices after adding disks to an aggr.


You can get into node shell and run below command, -o means once. Of course there is performance impact. > reallocate start -A -o aggr-name The most important is to run reallocate against each volume at this aggregate with -f option, it makes the volumes spread out to all disks in the aggregate.
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