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SNMP volume instance


I'm using WhatsUp Gold to monitor the sizing of the volumes on my filer running ONTAP 8.2.4 7-Mode. All the volumes have the same SNMP OID and are only distinguishable by their instance number. The problem is that every time the filer gets rebooted, the instance numbers on the filer get scrambled and I have to remap the SNMP monitor with the new instance numbers. Is there a way to make the volume instance numbers static, even after a reboot?


Re: SNMP volume instance


afaik, it seems like there's no way out... anyone knows counterexample?

Re: SNMP volume instance


Does this also apply to cDOT 8.3+?

I'm assuming that it does, I doubt that I would get permission to reboot one of our filers just to test it.


I know virtually nothing about WUG.

I have been using a monitoring tool called OpenNMS (www.opennms.net).

One of the features it has is to map the instance numbers to the associated volume names when it captures data via SNMP.

The data is stored by volume name and not by instance number.


Hope this helps.

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