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Any special requirement to reboot node1 and node2 if Master for RDB's is all on node1?


Two HA's cluster, HA1: node1&node2; HA2: node3&node4


Any special requirement to reboot node1 and node2 (by failover/failback), if all RDB's masters are located on node1? for instance, Do I hve to move master's to node2 first before I could reboot node1, and then move master's back to node1 before reboot node2?  


cluster::*> cluster ring show
 Node  UnitName   Master  Online
——— ————– ———- ————— —————  ———– ———
node1  mgmt       node1    master

node1  vldb          node1    master

node1  vifmgr       node1    master

node1  bcomd      node1    master

node1  crs           node1    master

node2  mgmt       node1    secondary

node2  vldb         node1    secondary

node2  vifmgr     node1    secondary

node2  bcomd    node1    secondary

node2  crs          node1    secondary

node3                              secondary          
node4                               secondary










No special requirements. In case of a reboot  the surviving node automatically becomes the RDB Master. Refer KB 3013879 What is Cluster HA and how is Epsilon utilized to maintain RDB Quorum?

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