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Ontap 8.3.2 7 Mode Find utilized SAS Volume


Hi there,


we are running a ha-pair on 2240-2 and have about 20 volumes (2TB each) on both controllers. The volumes are used by VMware via NFS. How do i find utilisation of 1 specific volume if i have too many machines on it or something is writing heavy to it ? statit gives me some infos if the hdds are utilized during backup times or so, but id rather like to know which one of my 20 volumes is utilized most of all.




Re: Ontap 8.3.2 7 Mode Find utilized SAS Volume


Ideally you'd use something like Performance Advisor which is part of OnCommand Unified Manager. This would show you graphical views of live and historical performance and can be configured show you could list the performance of certain volumes on a single chart.


In the absence of that you can use the stats show command on the CLI to show current performance statistics. You would do something like


filer> stats show -i 10 volume:*:total_ops volume:*:read_ops volume:*:write_ops

which would show you the per second average of all, read and write operations to each volume over a 10 second period.


There are other counters available and you can use


stats list counters volume

to see them.


Just remember that the CLI will give only live data, nothing historical.





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