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Moving snapvault destination volume to another aggregate


I am using ontap v7, and am looking to move a volume from aggregare to another aggregate on the same filer.  This volume is also a snapvault destination and also setup as a share.  The snapvault source is on another filer.  So i guess moving a volume from one aggregate to another we can use snapmirror.  But what do we need to do the snapvault relationshiop to continue the sync, as i dont want to basline the relationship again.  Any ideas on steps on doing this move including the snapvault work



Do you use DFM? IF so you can use the secondary space management wizard to migrate the destination volume to another aggr. It would preserve your relationship.



You can doit like its descripted under Following link on Site 110:


Short Version:

- snapmirror start

- snapmirror quiesce

- snapmirror break

- snapvault start -S (with the new Volume)

--> Following Message occurs

     Snapvault configuration for the qtree has been set.

     Qtree /vol/new_vol/bno_C_500MB is already a replica.

- snapvault update




Good documentation, thank you!


I successfully moved my old snapvault destination volume using snapmirror to another volume, is it possible to move the existing snapvault_snapshots from the old volume as well? I run a backup filer and want to keep the existing daily snapvault_snapshots in the new volume.



Is this possible?




Solved myself, RTFM

Volume Snapmirror 🙂


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