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ONTAP Discussions

Any ways to list all clients are using a particular LIF?


I am seeking a way to list clients who are using a particular LIF though which these clients get connected to access the cluster?


secondly, any way to list MAC address associating with a LIF?








Form a client, you can identify established connections via the command netstat


C:\Users\Administrator>netstat -an
Active Connections



For example, the bold entry identifies that we have a CIFS connection (port 445) from client 192168.6.11 to a LIF with the IP


A similar command is available on the Netapp: network connections active show. You can filter for cifs-srv, nfs, etc with the -service cifs-srv switch .


Next, you can identify the LIF and the SVM on the storage controller which is using that IP address via


::> network interface show -address


As mentioned in the other reply, you can identify the MAC address and the port used via net port show


Hope that helps






A MAC is associated with a port. you need to first fund the current port in order to find the MAC


C1:*> network interface show -fields curr-port,curr-node  -lif SVMGMT01BK-lif1
vserver    lif             curr-node  curr-port
---------- --------------- ---------- ---------
SVM        lif1               N1      a0b-1
C1::*> network port show -node N1 -port a0b-1 -fields mac
node       port    mac
---------- ------- -----------------
N1           a0b-1   00:00:00:00:00:01



As for clients....

you didn't specify the protocol - for NFS on pre 9.3 - not so easy:


for CIFS

cifs session show -lif-address


for iSCSI

iscsi tpgroup show

iscsi session show -tpgroup <from above>


you can also try to get something from netstat. but some protocols also availble to the client in UDP or stateless TCP... so it will not be there....

node run * netstat -a


Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK
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