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Are Snapmirror Destinations always thick?



i created a thin 3 TB volume on Snapmirror Source. There is no data in this volume so "aggr show" did not show decreasing available space.


Then I replicated this volume to Snapmirror Destination Filer (both cDot 8.3.1p1). Available aggr space on destination filer decreased there about 3 TB. "volume show-footprint" shows 3 TB at parameter "Volume guarantee". If I increase the volmes size at source filer this parameter automatically increases too and aggregates space is decreasing.


Is this normal? Are Snapmirror Destination Volumes always thick or can i make them thin somehow?


Re: Are Snapmirror Destinations always thick?


Just set space gurantee and fractional reserve on destination using "volume modify".

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Re: Are Snapmirror Destinations always thick?


I set space guarantee to none. This reduced aggregate usage. I did not change fractional reserve, since we are not using LUNs there and I think frctionla reserve is mainly related to LUNs.

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