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Assistance Creating SnapVault in ONTAP 7-mode


Hoping someone can help.


Source filer: FAS2552; verrsion NetApp Release 8.2.2RC2 7-Mode

Destination filer: FAS2554; NetApp Release 8.2.2RC2 7-Mode


In Data OnTap 7-mode, I'm trying to create SnapVaults of an existing FlexVol volume on source filer to separate destination filer. The source FlexVol just holds a single LUN which itself stores a single VMFS datastore. The volume wasn't created with a qtree so the data doesn't sit inside one. Some sources on the Internet say a qtree is required on the source volume in order to create SnapVaults of it but I'm not sure this is the case.


I'm using the SnapVault Relationship Create Wizard in OnCommand System Manager 3.1.2 to create the snapvault relationship.

If I try to create the SnapVault relationship by selecting the source volume itself, I receive warning message "Are you sure you want to backup volume to a qtree... the resulting volume to qtree SnapVault relationship will not be importable by OnCommand Unified Manager" (full warning message shown in attached image). Does this mean I won't be able to restore from the SnapVaults without the source volume having a qtree? If not, is it possible for me to add a qtree to the source volume without destroying data and how can I get that data to "sit inside" that qtree (if that's required)? If so, I'm hoping someone can advise me on how I can do this.

Instead of selecting the source volume in the wizard, I've also got the option of selecting a "Non Qtree" sub entry (also shown in attached image file) and I don't receive a warning message when selecting that.


Unfortunately I don't have any existing SnapVault relationships I can check against.


Not sure if it is relevant... the source FlexVol volume has hourly and daily snapshots  scheduled by the VSC vCenter plugin and these work fine. In addition to this we need to generate weekly SnapVaults of the FlexVol and have these stored only on the destination filer. The VSC plugin cannot be used used for this as we are not running Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 or higher. This is why I'm trying to configure the SnapVaults in OnCommand System Manager. 


Thanks in advance.