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Auditing, Object Open for Delete and Object Access Attempt


Hi, I'd like to have some additional information about events I sometimes gather while auditing CIFS shares.


The first one is EventID 563, Object Open for Delete: NetApp Library ( says this is a Logon/Logoff event, but I think this is not true.


Se second is EventID 567, Object Access Attempt. I've notice I gather this every 32KB of data readed, can anyone confirm this? Also, this events has more information than what expected from MS documentation: Othen than the "standard" fields, I have also the file name and additional information about who did it. Where can I found more documentation about this? Are there any other "non standard" events?







The first Event (ID 563) happens when a file is opened with FILE_DELETE_ON_CLOSE which is usually used for temporary files. Netapp will automatically delete that file when the last open file handle to it has been closed. Note that you (or rather a program) can also use that flag to force deletion of a file that is currently in use by another program (it still needs the delete-permission to the file itself of course, you cannot delete random files that way Smiley Very Happy )

See for example here or here


The second event was introduced with Windows Server 2003 (I think) and is thus not really a "non-standard" event. See here or here for a few details


First of all, thank you.


Actually, eventID 563 seems to happens even when deleting normal files, not just temporarly. I've installed a netapp simultator and created some shares, and when I try to delete something are always triggered:

  • Object Open with DELETE access on <filename>
  • Handle closed

Then, if I press "I'm sure to delete" in explorer.exe:

  • Object Open with DELETE accesses on <filename>
  • Handle closed
  • Object Access Attempt with DELETE and DELETE_CHILD accesses, on <filename>.

Can I safely assume there isn't a delete until I found the last event? Online documentation does not state anything about...

I'm looking for something that avoids me the need of empirically find out "real" action. But again, i found no clear documentation at all.

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