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Errors on ifgrp NOT physical interface




Our monitoring software is telling me that an ifgrp called 'iscsi' has errors building on it.


How do i view errors for an ifgrp, tried ifstat but it doesnt seem to show errors, it does for the physical interfaces and they are clear. Just need to see the error count on the ifgrp.


It is a single mode ifgrp and config is correct on the switch. what would cause errors on the ifgrp?






Re: Errors on ifgrp NOT physical interface

You can check status of ifgrp by "ifgrp status".
On which point your monitoring software raise an alert? If you can not find out anything wrong on Data ONTAP, It is better to identify the cause of alert with assistance of tech support of your monitoring software.

Re: Errors on ifgrp NOT physical interface




Run a a netstat on your ifgrp in the nodeshell. EG:


cluster1> node run -node node1 -command netstat -s -I a0a


where "a0a" is the name of your ifgrp



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