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Authentication for 7-mode


So i have set up authentication in cmode FAS using the commuties help(Thanks to all contributors in the community.) using a domain tunnel and using the security login create command.
Nowmy AD users areable tologin using their credentials and specificrights has been provided to the group.

Now i want to implement the samething in 7-mode FAS.
Where i want users to login to the filer using their domain\username and password and makechanges as per their permissions.

I tried the useradmin domain user add domain\user -g "Backup Operators"

but it didnt work.

Is there anything else which i need to do? Or is there any documents which might help me in this configurations.


Re: Authentication for 7-mode


Hi @Anirban


I am the one who helped you with that issue ... 🙂


1 . Please check cifs services are configured on the 7-mode controller or not. cifs must be configured on the 7-mode controller in-order to integrate active directory.


2. Please create a group with specific permissions


useradmin group add <group name> -r <role>


3. Please use the below command to add the AD users to the group.


useradmin domainuser add <AD\user (or) group> -g <local group name>


After that please try to login to netapp using below format


username : AD\<user name>

Password : AD password

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