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ONTAP Discussions

snapmirror replication transfer failed to complete


Snapmirror failed to update while giving the error replication transfer failed to complete.

I have checked everything on both source and destination.It is s VSM relationship and space,hosts entry,ontap version,snapmirror.conf entry,host access are not the issues.


I am not able to telnet filer to filer on 10566 to check port status.


Any ideas?


Data ONTAP Release 8.1.2P4 7-Mode --------Destination

Data ONTAP Release 7.3.7P3  -------------------Source






Hi @Santosh_Pandey


Can you please check snapmirror.allow file .. both snapmirror source and entries should be there on that file. Please ask your network team to check the ports between 10565-10569.


Also please paste the below commands output.


snapmirror status -l <destination volume name>

Hello @Naveenpusuluru,


Below is the output:


Destination: HORLWHDSGF01:HOROFS02
Status: Idle
Progress: -
State: Snapmirrored
Lag: 252:19:41
Mirror Timestamp: Sat Jan 14 23:22:47 GMT 2017
Base Snapshot: HORLWHDSGF01(0118057313)_HOROFS02.248
Current Transfer Type: Update
Current Transfer Error: replication transfer failed to complete
Contents: Replica
Last Transfer Type: Scheduled
Last Transfer Size: 62076 KB
Last Transfer Duration: 00:01:09
Last Transfer From: HORSMHDSGF02-SV:HOROFS02


Transfer was going on previously.Don't know if ports are not open and why.

Anyway to do filer to filer telnet?

we are using snapmirror.access host option so no allow file configured.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Santosh_Pandey


Please look in to the logs using below command, we can trace the root cause for this snapmirror transfer failure.


rdfile /etc/log/snapmirror

Did not find anything specific in logs.

Any other ideas?

Hi @Santosh_Pandey


Are they pingable to each other?....... Some times it might be the issue with WAN also. Please reachout to your network team.



The destination filer was not reachable from the source .Added entry in the hosts file.

Still unable to do snapmirror update 

Hi @Santosh_Pandey


It might be the problem with your network. Please reach out to network team.

This issue is only for some volumes but for other volumes snapmirror is working fine.

This is for the same filer.How can this be possible if ports are not open

Hi @Naveenpusuluru


Any findings on this?

can you suggest further please?

using the same ports for other replications as well.There is problem with only some of the relationships other are working fine

Hi @Santosh_Pandey


Can you please send me the outputs of below commands(both source and destination).


df -h volumename

options snapmirror

rdfile /etc/snapmirror.conf

rdfile /etc/rc

rdfile /etc/hosts

rdfile /etc/snapmirror.allow

rdfile /etc/hosts.equiv


snapmirror status -l destination volume name


ping source

ping destination


snap list volume name


I will look in to them and will try to help you.

Hi @Naveenpusuluru,



Attaching outputs




Hi @Santosh_Pandey


Everything looks good and well maintained man. Can you please send me the logs of snapmirror.


rdfile /etc/log/snapmirror on both source and destination.


and also please send the output


snapmirror destinations

Hi @Naveenpusuluru


attaching logs





Hi @Santosh_Pandey


From your snapmirror destinations out put, i am seeing two same destinations for same volume. Please look at the below output.




This might be the problem. Some one tried to create a one more snapmirror relationship for the same source and destination. Please use the below command to check which is the actual transfer.


snapmirror destinations -s <volume name>

Hi @Naveenpusuluru,


I dont know how this came up.


This is the current output.


HORSMHDSGF02> snapmirror destinations
Path Destination
archive_2013 HORLWHDSGF01:archive_2013

Hi @Santosh_Pandey


Please try to follow the below process. sometime snapmirrors will be in hung state.


snapmirror off

snapmirror on



and please try manual transfer. It might work in your case. I have tried this when i am in IBM.

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