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Quota report not showing user quotas [Ontap 9.1]




User quotas are not showing up in our report although they appear in policy rules.  Our users are unmapped and the quotas are per Unix uid.



> volume quota policy rule show

Vserver: svn_test Policy: default Volume: chana

Soft Soft
User Disk Disk Files Files
Type Target Qtree Mapping Limit Limit Limit Limit Threshold
-----   -------- -------   -------     -------- ------- ------ ------- ---------
tree   grad   ""             -         100GB - - - -
tree  staff     ""            -          500GB - - - -
tree usr ""                   -          300GB - - - -
user 1178  ""           off         1MB     - 2 - -                                    <--- Here the user quota appears
4 entries were displayed.


But not in the report:


> volume quota report
Vserver: svn_test

----Disk---- ----Files----- Quota
Volume Tree Type ID Used Limit Used Limit Specifier
------- -------- ------ ------- ----- ----- ------ ------ ---------
chana staff tree 1 0B 500GB 1 - staff
chana usr tree 2 4.72MB 300GB 6 - usr
chana grad tree 3 0B 100GB 1 - grad
3 entries were displayed.


> volume quota report -quota-type user
There are no entries matching your query.


Any assistance will be appreciated.








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