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Automated-Working-Set-Analyzer - How the heck do I read this report?


I have a flash pool aggregate, but I'm pretty sure I didn't purchase enough flash pool disk.  I'm attempting to use the 'Storage Automated-working-set-analyzer' commands to see if I need to purchase some more Flash disk, but maybe I'm just not understanding the data it's giving me.  


I've tried looking at it in Grafana, and the big field of red is a normally a good indicator that something isn't right, but I was hoping that I'd get a better idea from one of the tools of how much disk to purchase.


Is anyone familiar with these CLI commands, and how to get the info I need out of them?  I've tried reading the documentation for the commands, but there just doesn't seem to be a whole lot about them that I can find.


Thanks all,





Can you post here CLI output of 

storage automated-working-set-analyzer show –instance


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