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Backing up CIFS shares (currently using Unitrends) Options?

We have a FAS2552 that contains all our data and VM's.  The servers are about 1TB, and CIFS shares are about 9TB.  We are using a Unitrends appliance that is up for renewal, and is getting maxed out on space. Unitrends wants to sell a larger appliance, about 26TB (current box is 13TB usable), but may be cost prohibitive.


Our backup needs include:

-Offsite daily, via cloud or disk (currently do full backups on weekends, archive to disk; weekdays differentials and incrementals archived to disk)

-Rotating Monthly/quarterly/annual backups offsite.  Keep annuals forever.

-We mainly use the backups for DR, as the Netapp previous versions and snapshots work very well.


I know what Unitrends is offering, but wondering about other options:

-Purchasing some software and building my own storage (Storageworks said they could not do Netapp CIFS shares, but we could set up a file server, attach the shares and backup from there - seems cumbersome to me; Veeam is supposed to have the ability to backup CIFS shares in the next version?)

-Use a 2nd NetApp for Vaulting and Mirroring - either purchase a 2nd appliance and install at a remote office, or my NetApp service provider has a cloud package I could mirror to.  I would still need to do some backups to disk for permanent archives.


Budget wise, hoping to find something for under $25k.


Unitrends does NOT do incremental forevers on the CIFS, which is annoying - would love to have that feature.


Any suggestions are welcome.  Thanks. 




Re: Backing up CIFS shares (currently using Unitrends) Options?

Anyone?  If I cannot find something, another consideration is replacing my NetApp with different storage, and converting the Netapp to storage for my backups.

Re: Backing up CIFS shares (currently using Unitrends) Options?

We've SnapMirrored our production volumes (all of them, not just CIFS) offsite to a NetApp system in a DR facility for years now. It works great, highly recommended. OnTAP Cloud would probably work as well but I've not tried it.

Re: Backing up CIFS shares (currently using Unitrends) Options?

Do you do any archive backups to disk or tape?  If so, how do you do that?



Re: Backing up CIFS shares (currently using Unitrends) Options?

No I'm afraid not, but if we did we would likely use SnapVault.

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