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Backing up CIFS shares (currently using Unitrends) Options?


We have a FAS2552 that contains all our data and VM's.  The servers are about 1TB, and CIFS shares are about 9TB.  We are using a Unitrends appliance that is up for renewal, and is getting maxed out on space. Unitrends wants to sell a larger appliance, about 26TB (current box is 13TB usable), but may be cost prohibitive.


Our backup needs include:

-Offsite daily, via cloud or disk (currently do full backups on weekends, archive to disk; weekdays differentials and incrementals archived to disk)

-Rotating Monthly/quarterly/annual backups offsite.  Keep annuals forever.

-We mainly use the backups for DR, as the Netapp previous versions and snapshots work very well.


I know what Unitrends is offering, but wondering about other options:

-Purchasing some software and building my own storage (Storageworks said they could not do Netapp CIFS shares, but we could set up a file server, attach the shares and backup from there - seems cumbersome to me; Veeam is supposed to have the ability to backup CIFS shares in the next version?)

-Use a 2nd NetApp for Vaulting and Mirroring - either purchase a 2nd appliance and install at a remote office, or my NetApp service provider has a cloud package I could mirror to.  I would still need to do some backups to disk for permanent archives.


Budget wise, hoping to find something for under $25k.


Unitrends does NOT do incremental forevers on the CIFS, which is annoying - would love to have that feature.


Any suggestions are welcome.  Thanks. 





Anyone?  If I cannot find something, another consideration is replacing my NetApp with different storage, and converting the Netapp to storage for my backups.


We've SnapMirrored our production volumes (all of them, not just CIFS) offsite to a NetApp system in a DR facility for years now. It works great, highly recommended. OnTAP Cloud would probably work as well but I've not tried it.


Do you do any archive backups to disk or tape?  If so, how do you do that?




No I'm afraid not, but if we did we would likely use SnapVault.

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