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Bidirectional Snapmirror on 7 mode Ontap 8.2


Hi I have created one dedicated volume on two sites and created the snapmirror relation between them.

filer1:/vol/Vola -> filer2:/vol/volb

Also, again created the snapmirror for the viceversa case.

 filer2:/vol/Volb -> filer1:/vol/vola.

Because I want both sites to act as a failover to each on them.


Attached is the current scenario. Please suggest if above is feasible or not.




What are you trying to do.. YOu are using QSM... There's better ways to do this

I want to create bidirectional snapmirror between two sites

Are you using qtree snapmirror for vmware?   - You shouldn't use qtrees with vmware... 


Also, I would suggest doing to another volume and used volume based

Are you saying 2 different volumes on each site and configure snapmirror on each of them. But here I want data to replicate between one datastore only. I want to migrate some critical vm on both the sides to the snapmirrored datastore so that during failover our vms are safe to continue. but if i will create two volume that wont be feasible. I want synchronization to be bidirectional.

I don't understand your intention about this.


you do mirror one volume to a second location and the way back in the same manner ...   btw.  I wonder,  Ontap allow that.


have you ever heard about sync SM feature ?  Or at least  async ??






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