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Breaking a Snapmirror relationship for later resync




We have recently configured SnapMirror relationships for DR purposes between locations. In a test, I broke the relationships and attached the LUNs in the replicated volumes to iSCSI hosts. Once the testing was complete, some of the volumes could not run a resync with their source as there was no common snapshot and a full-resync was required.


Is there a way to break the relationship and make the target volume writeable and preserve any snapshots? We did not configure any new snapshots at the target site so we're not sure what happened to them.


One of the volumes is over 4TB and takes weeks to replicate so we would prefer to find a solution that allows us to continue synchronizing with what is already replicated. This is using ONTAP 8.2.3 on both the target and source.







Do you have snapshot autodelete enabled?  Breaking the mirror will not delete snapshots, but sounds like there maybe an autodelete schedule in place.  Also check the auditlog to see what issued a snapshot delete for the baseline snapshot.