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CDOT 8.3 Mirror & Vault retention problems


We are trying to configure a mirror & vault policy which will allow us to keep 48 x hourly snaps at source, but then keep 31 daily & 7 years of weekly snaps at destination (ideally this would be monthly)


The issue we has is that you have to set a snapmirror-label at the source for the retention to work at the destination.


So, if I create a "Weekly" snapshot policy schedule at the source and a mirrrorandvault snapmirror policy, it will transfer fine and my retention works at the destination BUT that weekly snap is then held at the source for a week, but I only want 48 hours.

Similarly if I create a "Monthly" schedule and label, it will transfer and retain at the destination, BUT the monthly snap is then held at source for a month! This is no good space-wise on a hybrid or flash aggr.


I have tried to fool this system by creating a daily schedule at source with a label of "monthly" and rentention of 1.. which is then transferred by the policy.. BUT the retention keeps one every day!

We could probably push to use a weekly label, but then our 7 year retention would need manual intervention as 7 years of weeklys breaks the 255 snapshot limit.


I've also looked at doing this with a cascade, but the granualirty of our retention seems impossible as it will only use the sm_created label.. and you cannot set a snapshot policy on a DP vol.


Any help on this would be greatly recieved.. before i try and raise this directly.