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Snapmirror with same name and IP for destinatation


We are running 8.2.3p3 with CIFS , LUNS, NFS on a 6 node cluster. we are trying to set-up Dr with Same name and Same IP as source. Wondering how to bring CIFS up , when we do DR test.



Not a NetApp problem as such, more about how are you going to bring up two CIFS servers with the same name...always a joy in DR testing.


the only way normally is having to segment off enough infrastrcuture in the test setup to allow it to work...or if not, short term bring it up with a differnet CIFS name... not sure there is any kind of magic to do it!

Thank you for reply.


During the DR test , AD team is planning to set-up a new instance at the DR site. At this point can we add Destination SVM's to AD and bring up CIFS? any potential problems with this , i belive we have to create all CIFS shares at this point .


That's correct. With 8.2 you can only mirror data; but SVM must be created and configured on remote site. Also all configuration (shares, policies, user mapping etc) must be done manually on remote side.

8.3.1 introduced SVM replication so configuration is done automatically. You may look into it.


Thank you , will start reading on it . will  see if it fits our enviroment.