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CPU load across filers



We have a pair of 2240-2 filers in HA, we have numerous volumes spread across them. We are having huge latency issues with our Hyper-v guests that are setup as a CSV cluster on the filers, when we create or clone a vm or move any large data around the CPU on only one of the controllers increases by quite an amount yet the other controller does not.. Is this normal? Should they not be spread evenly? Also with the latency we need to see what we can do to monitor and determine the performance issues, at present look to be with the SAN.


Images below are when we clone a vm, the systems almost grind to a halt during the operation...









Re: CPU load across filers

We need more information here You mention latency, but we need to see charts..


Also, are your charts reflective of avg_latency.. Do you have OCUM running?


What is your disk/raid group setup


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