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Can I mount a volume from an iscsi target on my Netapp filer?


I would like to mount a volume from another NAS via iscsci on my Netapp filer with NetApp Release 8.2.4P4 7-Mode and then create shares on this volume. This would allow me to offer more storage to my clients without buying new hardware (I want to use an already existing NAS) and the users would not have to change anything in their configuration, since I would migrate some shares to the iscsi target.


So the question is, whether my Netapp Filer can be usesd as a iscsi initiator (client). Is it possible? If not, are there altenatives for achivieng a similar result?


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Unfortunately this is not a feature we (or anyone I am aware of) provide.


Our systems can support the use of FC LUNs from other SANs as a backend for volumes we present, either under V-Series or FlexArray, but both are licensable features and only supported on some of our platforms.


The easiest option may be to contact your local NetApp account representative about options of competitive takeout of your other SAN and install more storage for your NetApp system.


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