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how to check MCTB 7m to perform cf forcetakeover -d


I perform test at lab, if fact is prepare for 1 of my customer want to implement 7m tiebreaker on production.


my lab.

metro cluster fmc ontap 8.2.5 7m

windows 2008 - OCUM 5.2R1 - MCTB 2.4


when i turn off power on 1 of controller and 2 brocades from 1 site.

CFOD is not trigger and sometimes it show on ocum but when i access to live nodes, it not takeover.


how to check on tiebreaker in debug mode to make sure CFOD can perform?



Hi kennyk,


have you verified that the 7mode system is correctly discovered and monitored by Unified Manager?

I ask because you mention you run OCUM 5.2R1 and ONTAP 8.2.5. According to IMT this combination is not supported.

The latest supported version listed with 5.2R1 is 8.2.1. IIRC there have been some changes in ZAPI and especially ssh / https certificates with 8.2.2 and later.

I highly recommend to upgrade to OCUM 5.2.2P2 as for that release one specific BUG is listed as fixed that relates to ssh communication to ONTAP 8.2.5 systems:


Bug ID     |   Severity   |        Title
1076818    |      2       |   DFM OpenSSH upgrade to support 8.2.5


Please use the command "dfm host diag" on the OCUM CLI (just open a Windows Command prompt) or click on the repspective link in the OCUM UI to verify communication between OCUM and ONTAP.


Kind regards, Niels