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Can someone tell me what is the "ANY" and "Wafl_ex(kahu)" in sysstat -M output.


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look at the below sysstat ouput


ANY1+ ANY2+ ANY3+ ANY4+ ANY5+ ANY6+ ANY7+ ANY8+ AVG CPU0 CPU1 CPU2 CPU3 CPU4 CPU5 CPU6 CPU7 Network Protocol Cluster Storage Raid Target Kahuna WAFL_Ex(Kahu) WAFL_XClean SM_Exempt Cifs Exempt Intr Host Ops/s CP
100% 98% 92% 78% 61% 43% 29% 18% 65% 66% 66% 66% 66% 65% 65% 65% 65% 18% 0% 0% 58% 56% 35% 23% 206%( 77%) 8% 1% 0% 109% 7% 1% 5300 66%


what means of ANY and wafl_ex(kahu)?


How does it caculated?


I dont know where can I find doc.


Please help me.





The "ANY" percentages refer to combinations of CPU cores - ANY1+ is time that any single core is busy, ANY2+ is time that any two cores are busy, etc.  The two values - single CPU % busy and the ANYs give you a better picture of the overall system load.


For instance, if each individual CPU core indicated 75% busy during the sample interval, but the ANY3+ or so was only 10%, then the cores aren't really busy at the same time.  Either the parallelism is spreading the load around well, or there are serialized loads limiting the ability to utilize maximum compute capability.  The CPU values give you directions in which to look for specific performance issues.


Similarly, of the individuals CPU cores are around 75% and in your example say ANY5+ was pushing 70-75%, then you clearly have a system approaching full CPU load - good spread in parallel task execution but obviously a lot of them at one time.


The rest of the columns are specific processing domains in which stuff happens.  Kahuna and WAFL_EX(Kahu) are related in that they are mutually exclusive to each other.  Kahuna tasks are single threaded, WAFL_EX tasks can be run in parallel.


This is only a very basic explanation - suggest this KB article for more detail:  https://kb.netapp.com/support/index?page=content&id=3014084&actp=search&viewlocale=en_US&searchid=1416471937172




Thank you for very good reply.


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