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Can't Change Password for MetroCluster-TieBreaker


Hi all, I have an unusual problem.  I need to change the password for TieBreaker, but after following the Admin guide, I realized that the "&" in our password is causing issues with encrypting.


The problem I'm running into is when I put our password in the "<password>secret</password>" entry, which is in the format of "xxxxxxxx!!&", and then try to restart the service, I get this:


[root@ednastr02 MetroCluster-TieBreaker]# ./mctb_dfm.sh start


MetroCluster TieBreaker startup failed.

See logs for details.


The logs are telling me this:


2015-03-12 12:05:20,280 [main] FATAL com.netapp.rre.anegada.Main - Configuration Error: Configuration Exception:ParseError at [row,col]:[15,29]

Message: The entity name must immediately follow the '&' in the entity reference.

2015-03-12 12:05:20,284 [main] WARN com.netapp.rre.bautils.DfmCommand - DFM_EVENT MetroCluster-TieBreaker:Configuration-Error:Configuration-Failed, source: 1: Invalid configuration, vFiler DR TieBreaker cannot start. See log for details.


I went back and put a password without an "&" and it worked. I have also tried the various combinations to get it to accept it, but to no avail:



" Xxxxxx11!!&"

' Xxxxxx11!!&'

" Xxxxxx11!!\&"

' Xxxxxx11!!\&'


I leanred that the above is not the appropriate syntax to excape an XML &, so I tried the following:






But these all caused the service to fail starting up.  However, I did get the service to start up with this:




And it did encrypt, but the login is still failing.  So, I was wondering if this is throwing off the real password.  Anyone know if "&" is supported for this?  Thanks.