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Can't Stop Disk from Blinking




I have a FAS8020 running OnTap 9.1


We had a few disk failures and I set the blink on (2.2.5 and 2.2.9). The disks have now been repalced


I can't seem to stop the disk blinking by using either the blinkoff or off command for disk set-led.


I'm pretty sure I have the right disk numbers. Is there any way of listing disks that have blinkon? 


There are no faulty disks on the system.




Re: Can't Stop Disk from Blinking


We had a similar issue, albeit with a different version of DataONTAP. We had the blink on and turned it off, but the blinking didn't stop. The disk was listed as unassigned. We manually assigned the new disk as a spare and the blinking stopped. We had also tried removing and reinserting the drive but that didn't stop the blinking. Again, it was a different version (8.3.2) but it may be your issue.

Re: Can't Stop Disk from Blinking


I checked for unassigned disks and we do not have any showing.

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