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Can't connect Ontap



I'm building NetApp (fas2750) for the first time,

but I'm having trouble with the first step and can't move on.


I connected to the management port of netapp from the terminal,

entered the cluster management IP and the node management IP on the ontap web browser,

and committed.
As a result, on the browser, "The server may not be processing the request. It cannot be determined whether the processing is completed."

After that, I couldn't access the ontap web browser anymore.

But ping is responsive.


Can you tell me what to do?







Are you installing it from scratch?


If so, go ahead, boot it, then boot menu, option 4 (clean and initialize). Once done, make initial config using the console.





Thank you for the effective answer!
To reboot, I thik executing the command "system node reboot".
However, I cannot connect to Ontap.

I tried the following (1) and (2), but I can't connect to either.
(1) I connected to the e0m port and specified the serial port of 115200 using teraterm, but I get an error saying "com1 not found".
(2) When I connect to the IP address to access the Ontap browser with teraterm,

the user name and password screen was displayed.

Entering the ID = "admin" and password = 'password set in the Ontap browser'.

Then I was asked for the password of the diag user. I don't know the password, so it ends there.

Do you have any advice?





To use the serial port, you should connect your cable to the wrench signed port (not e0M).


115200 is correct.


If you do not know the admin user password, you should reset it. You will need to reboot the controller (you can do it physically). During boot, there's a moment you hit ctrl+c and you get to the boot menu.


From there you can reset admin password, or clean and initialize all disks (new install).





Hi, pedro_rocha

Thanks to your advice, I was able to make a serial connection and reset Ontap.
But when I set the cluster management IP and the node management IP again in the Ontap browser and commit, the following message was displayed.

"Failed to add to the cluster with reason: Failed to start cluster join on node: xx.xx.xx.xx: RPC: Couldn't make connection [from mgwd on node "XXXX-01" (VSID: -3) to mgwd at xx.xx.xx.xx]"


When I checked it with a serial connection, it seems that the condition is not particularly problematic, but I am not sure if it is okay to proceed.
If you have anything else to look at, please give me some advice.


Node00::> cluster show
Node Health Eligibility
--------------------- ------- ------------
Node-01 true true
Node-02 true true





So you did option 4 on the boot menu? Or did you reset the admin password?



Check the MTU on the cluster ports (need to be 9000)
Check if you have the right ports as cluster ports (eg. eoa e0b)
::*> Net int show

Check the cluster health.
::*> cluster ring show
::*> cluster ping-cluster -node nodename
::*> cluster kernel-service show