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Netapp Powershell GUI Report Tool

Hello, here  is a siple powershell GUI tool that you can use to collect info on Vols, LUN's and Aggrs. 

Script only contains get commands, so using read only account will work. Only tested on cDOT (commands like Get-Ncaggr).

View with Gridview and export to csv, html.

Thanks !




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Re: Netapp Powershell GUI Report Tool




Thanks for the tool, seems this doesn't work ( Tried out myself ) for 7-Mode.





Re: Netapp Powershell GUI Report Tool

Hello Nayab,  sorry about that, I did mention that its only tested on cDOT.

In my enviroment I dont have 7-mode so could not create anything for it.

Unless commands are simmular instead of nc-aggr it would be na-aggr.. I could add option to select 7-mode or cDOT.

I will do some research and find out if thats the only difference.

Thank you !

Re: Netapp Powershell GUI Report Tool



Thanks for the tool.


Can you please share the source code please.


Kind regards.

Re: Netapp Powershell GUI Report Tool

Sure thing, .txt file uploaded. Change extention to ps1 and you can run it with powershell.

To collect capacity report let me know the simpler way


Re: To collect capacity report let me know the simpler way


If you are looking for simple way, you can use Oncommand Unified Manager.

You can create reports from there. If you need something more custom, PowerShell will do the job.

Just not sure what you need is,  here is sample output from attached .txt - rename to .ps1



- Cluster Stats -

Cluster : ***netapp

OntapVersion : NetApp Release 9.3P2

TotalSizeTB : 652.78

TotalProvisionedTB : 768.87

UsedTB : 435.99

% UsedSpace@100%Capacity : 67

% UsedSpace@85%Capacity : 79

% ProvisionedSpace@100%Capacity : 118

% ProvisionedSpace@85%Capacity : 139


-  Aggr stats -

Cluster : ***netapp

Aggr : node1_aggr2_data_sata

TotalSizeTB : 202.63

ProvisionedTB : 172.04

UsedTB : 144.83

% UsedSpace@100%Capacity : 71

% UsedSpace@85% Capacity : 84

% ProvisionedSpace@100%Capacity : 85

% ProvisionedSpace@85%Capacity : 100



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