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Can't delete snapshots



we have older snapshot, which are created during an ndmp backup task. In the OnCommand System Manager they have the Status "Busy". We can't delete them.

On the SSH Console we see that there are active NDMP sessions/tasks:


filer::> system node run -node filer-01 -command backup status

ID State Type Device Start Date Level Path
-- ----------- ---- ------ ------------ ----- ---------------
0 ACTIVE NDMP ndmp Sep 20 09:32 0 /svm_*
3 ACTIVE NDMP ndmp Sep 20 08:50 0 /svm_*
6 ACTIVE NDMP ndmp Sep 20 09:01 0 /svm_*
9 ACTIVE NDMP ndmp Sep 20 09:35 0 /svm_*
10 ACTIVE NDMP ndmp Sep 20 08:55 0 /svm_*


We can't terminate them, because the state is ACTIVE. Also a the command "vserver services ndmp kill-all -vserver *" didn't solve the problem.


Does anybody havae an idea how to delete these snapshots?






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