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Set NTFS Permissions Errors - vserver security file-directory


Hi there,


I want/need to leverage either the NetApp shell or the NetApp powershell modules in order to apply NTFS permissions at a (way) higher speed. I have a lot of very large shares (millions of files each) and need to revisit their permissions. Doing it in Windows, even on a server on the same network as the storage, takes forever.


The catch: I need to set up the permisisons for a specific account twice. So I have two allow entries for the same account. To make it simpler to describe, let's say that DOMAIN\GroupA needs Modify rights on Subfolders and Files and Read on This folder only.


I know how to apply permissions with both the PS module and with the shell, I know I need a policy etc. It all works when I don't use the same account twice. So I'm only gonna post the two lines of codes that should do what I need).


In powershell, the two lines for this specific setting would be ($VolName is the share and $VServer the netapp appliance):

Add-NcFileDirectorySecurityNtfsDacl -Account "DOMAIN\GroupA" -AccessType allow -Rights modify -NtfsSd $VolName -VserverContext $Vserver -ApplyTo sub_folders,files
Add-NcFileDirectorySecurityNtfsDacl -Account "DOMAIN\GroupA" -AccessType allow -Rights read -NtfsSd $VolName -VserverContext $Vserver -ApplyTo this_folder

In the shell (also works with a single entry) the two lines of code would be:

vserver security file-directory ntfs dacl add -ntfs-sd MYSHARE -vserver VSERVERNAME -access-type allow -account "domain\GroupA" -rights modify -apply-to sub-folders,files
vserver security file-directory ntfs dacl add -ntfs-sd MYSHARE -vserver VSERVERNAME -access-type allow -account "domain\GroupA" -rights read -apply-to this-folder

Here's the error from PS:


Shell error:



I also saw somebody else with the same error here:


Any help is greatly appreciated!