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Can't move a volume from one vfiler to another



I have a strange issue with volumes on vfilers.  I have to bring in some data via LREP.  The device I use to import the data from is on one network and the target vfiler is on another network.


So, I but the target volume on a vfiler that is on the same network as the import device and import the data via lrep.  Then when the data is finished importing, I want to move the volume from the import vfiler to the actual home vfiler where it belongs. 


However when I try to remove the volume from the vfier, I get this error message "Operation not allowed becuase storage is still in use by the owning vfiler."


If I try to take the volume offline, then it says it cannot find the path to the volume to remove it.


So in the end, my problem is that I cannot move the volume from one vfiler to another.


Does anyone know the correct method to move a volume from on vfiler to another?