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Can't move a volume: "The image specified was not found"


I am trying to move a volume from one node of the cluster to the other:


volume move start -vserver netapp-iscsi301 -volume VMDK_02_vol -destination-aggregate netapp_clr301_02_aggr


The move fails with the error:


The image specified was not found. Could not read Snapshot copy for transfer (logicalSnapId=5,instanceUuid=bab466b0-81d4-406d-a3fa-62f2569a1d24).

During preparation, I see this:


       Destination Aggregate: netapp_clr301_02_aggr1
             Detailed Status: Volume move job preparing transfer
Error: Failed to find transfer Snapshot copy.


What am I looking for here? Is it lack of snapshot space on the origin volume? The origin volume is 99% full,  with a space reserved VMFS LUN that is only about 9 TB. There is only 11TB left in the origin aggregate, the volume size is 16TB. There is 40+TB available in the destination aggregate...


It seems like the next step might be to grow the volume a few TB to account for some snapshots, then shrink it again.



"Vol move show" after completion:


netapp-clr301::> volume move show -vserver netapp-iscsi301 -volume VMDK_02_vol

                Vserver Name: netapp-iscsi301
                 Volume Name: VMDK_02_vol
      Actual Completion Time: Mon Oct 17 15:09:43 2016
             Bytes Remaining: -
       Destination Aggregate: netapp_clr301_02_aggr1
             Detailed Status: The image specified was not found. Could not read Snapshot copy for transfer (logicalSnapId=7,instanceUuid=f4a1c566-4c36-4ed4-8fc1-5252622c53d7).
Estimated Time of Completion: -
               Managing Node: netapp-clr301-01
         Percentage Complete: -
                  Move Phase: failed
Estimated Remaining Duration: -
      Replication Throughput: -
            Duration of Move: 00:01:31
            Source Aggregate: netapp_clr301_01_aggr1
          Start Time of Move: Mon Oct 17 15:08:12 2016
                  Move State: failed




Yes, the volume was out of space. After adding 3TB the move is progressing.

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