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Hi all,

i am getting an error as Pending with restart checkpoint at (3.2TB). now the data is not transfering from source to destination. What has to be done now???



Re: snapmirror

Hi @Bala0420


Please check that if you are able to see the snapmirror baseline snapshot on destination volume or not. If you are able to see it on destination volume.


Just perform the below steps.


Do >snapmirror off

>snapmirror on

> snapmirror initialize -S source:path destination:path. 


It will start the replication from where it stopped.

Re: snapmirror

Hi Naveen,

Thanks for your update,

But the problem is, there are other sanpmirror relationship's in the same filer and huge data transfer is going on from source to destination..

Approximately each relation has 3TB to 8TB data has transfered

As per your request, If i turn off and on snapmirror relationship... then all the relations i need to initialize back and there by data start transfering from the begining if i am not wrong!!!





Re: snapmirror

Hello @Bala0420


The current relation stopped in the middle of basline transfer that is the reason you got that error link "pending with restart check point". Please post the out put of below command with the snapmirror which u are facing issues with.


snapmirror status -l <destination path or volumename>

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