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Cannot deploy ontap select


I am currently installing ONTAP Select Version: 2.1 VM Version: 2.1  on VMware ESXi, 6.0.0, 3073146


When the cluster is created I get the following error

ClusterCreateFailed :  NodeStartErr: Node ontapcluster-1 failed to start: (Cannot 'start' VM ontapcluster-1: NoCompatibleHost).





Can anyone advise what the issue is?


Re: Cannot deploy ontap select




Can you let us know which version of ONTAP Select you are trying to install




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Re: Cannot deploy ontap select


Here's the info for the data node that the ontap deploy utility created :


Product: Data ONTAP-v

Version : 2.0.0 (9,0P1)


I assume that based on the versioning it is 9.0P1.  The one node cluster is created successfuly but when the data VM tries to power up I get the original error message and I get  two cryptic messages in Vmware. 

"Failed to find a host for powering on the virtual machine. The following faults explain why the registered host is not compatible."

"The operation is not allowed in the current state of the host."


Thanks for your assistance.

Re: Cannot deploy ontap select



Thanks for the detailed error.


"The operation is not allowed in the current state of the host."


Here is the KB which mentions the same error and resolution



Please try this

To work around this issue, disconnect and reconnect the ESXi host that is running the virtual machine to force vCenter Server to retrieve an updated set of data relating to the objects registered to the host.


google search showed me this link too.



is the VC 5.5?




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Re: Cannot deploy ontap select


Thanks for the reply.  That was indeed the issue. 

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